Bringing transformation to Detroit

One of the major goals for 5point7 ministry, is to help bring comprehensive transformation and revitalization to Detroit. I must admit, that repairing Detroit will be a very formidable task, many might say it’s impossible. When you consider the amount of poverty, crime and blight that exists here, and the limited resources available, it almost seems insane to think anything could be done to bring this city back. However, I believe that this once great city can be brought back, and if our efforts to revitalize begin with the people,then it will be brought back.

I believe that morality and virtue plays a bigger role in the health of a society than most people realize. I also believe it is within the family where morality and virtue is taught and reinforced. For that reason, I believe it is correct to say that healthy families are one of the major foundations of a healthy society. In most cases, whenever the family is broken, dysfunction is likely to follow. In a society where broken families are the norm, social breakdown is unavoidable. If you consider the statistics on the family in Detroit, you will discover one of the root causes to the social problems affecting this city. In Detroit, roughly around 70 percent of children are being raised in single parent homes. Over half of Detroit kids are growing up in a house where the father is not present. We should find this to be alarming. The negative consequences of such a reality on a society is evident for all to see. President Barack Obama himself has said, in a speech delivered in 2008, “that children who grow up without a father are five times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; nine times more likely to drop out of schools and 20 times more likely to end up in prison. They are more likely to have behavioral problems, or run away from home or become teenage parents themselves.” With the family in Detroit being in the condition it is in, and the facts stated by our President being what they are, it is no wonder that Detroit is in desperate need of transformation.

But, the transformation which Detroit needs must be, first and foremost, a spiritual transformation. No political or economic solution can repair the moral crisis which is at the root of this family crisis. It is this realization, among a few others, which fuels my passion to plant the 5point7 Community Church. Through our 5point7 mercy ministry, we try and serve the city by meeting physical needs within the community, through 5point7 Community Church, we will endeavor to meet spiritual needs. I believe that at the bottom of all individual and social brokenness is the problem of sin. Basically, sin is the state of living life apart from God, and in contradiction to His will. Spiritual restoration begins Once our sins are washed away and we are reconciled to God through Jesus Christ. As we turn away from a life of doing things our own way and begin following Jesus, we then experience healing in every area of our lives. It is not possible to truly know God and still live a defeated and dysfunctional life. The man whose life is transformed by the knowledge of God, will find himself becoming a better husband, a better father, a better employee etc. The woman whose life is transformed by the Christ finds herself becoming better in every area of her life also. My vision for 5point7 Community Church is that we be a church providing a variety of effective discipleship ministries. That through these ministries men, women and children will be taught the Word of God in such a way that they experience real transformation in every area of their lives. That this transformation be on such a scale that the entire cultural fabric of the community is changed for the better. What excites me about all of this, is that I believe with all of my heart that this vision is achievable. God will always honor His Word. He will always bless and work through churches that are faithful to His Word. 5point7 Community Church will always endeavor to be faithful to God’s Word. Our mission will be to saturate the community with His life transforming Word, and we will watch God go to work, using His word to bring transformation to individuals, to families, neighborhoods, and ultimately the entire city.

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