Good news for our community

As we all watch, with sadness, the horrible events unfolding in Baltimore, we find that there is much to reflect upon. For one thing, we see that there is much hurt, anger and frustration in our community. Whether you agree with the tactics of the protesters in Baltimore or not, you can’t help but notice the frustration pouring out of a people who are tired and who feel that their voices are not being heard. Baltimore is just one expression of what is going on in the black communities all over the United States. The same hurt and anger exists everywhere, which is why we see protesting and other acts showing solidarity in other major cities across the country, including here in Detroit. One thing that this all suggests to me, is that there still remains a deep scar within the soul of black America, and before our community can truly progress, our community needs to be healed.

This reality makes me think of a passage in the Bible. In Isaiah 61:1-3 the prophet speaks about the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. He tells us that Jesus would come to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the brokenhearted. He would come and proclaim liberty and comfort those who mourn. Jesus Christ is the answer for our community. Even though there will be much we must do politically and economically to fix our community, Christ gives us the foundation to build on. His redemptive work in our hearts is what provides the healing we need within, in order to accomplish the healing that needs to take place in our community.

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